The Asian Rationalist Society Britain (ARSB) was founded in 1997 by a group of immigrants from the Indian sub-continent with the main aim of raising awareness of rationalist ideas and promoting universal humanist values amongst the South Asian communities in the UK.

We strive for building an open and secular society, free from superstition, mysticism, dogma, and exploitation.

The Asian Rationalist Society is a Charity, run by a group of dedicated volunteers.

Our Challenge

Godmen, Saints, Yogis, psychics, fortune tellers, telepathists and others who claim they have acquired miraculous powers through spiritual exercises, divine gifts or meditation could win award of £100,000 if they were able to perform any one of the following "miracles" under non - deceivable conditions.

  1.   Read the serial number of a sealed-up currency note.

  2.  Produce an exact replica of a currency note.

  3.  Materialize from nothing an object we ask.

  4.  Move or bend a solid object using psycho-kinetic power.

  5.  Read the thought of another person using telepathic powers.

  6.  Levitate in the air by Yogic power or any other power.

  7.  Walk on water.

  8.  Leave the body in one place and materialize in another place.

  9.  Get out of a locked room by divine power

  10. Detect a hidden object

  11.  Convert water into petrol or wine. Convert wine into blood.

  12. Convert a man into dog or any other animal.

  13. Stop any musical instruments producing sounds by his/her powers.