Rationalist Society Britain

Promoting Secular Humanism, Freedom of thought, Freedom of speech and Science . . . .

Our Mission

Promote a view that reason and evidence should form the basis of our knowledge and all our convictions. The ARSB endeavour to demystify the supernatural, occult, paranormal and pseudoscientific claims made by fraudsters with the aim to exploit people. The ARSB exposes the dirty tricks of the self-proclaimed saints, tantric, fortune tellers, palmists, and the faith-healers claiming to possess paranormal powers and offer all kinds of miracle cures. The ARSB, through their scientific methods and reasoning, exposes those imposters and charlatans with the aim to protect the vulnerable in the community from physical, psychological and financial exploitation. The ARSB prepares and publishes literature, organise social and cultural events to promote rationalist and secular humanist ideas among the South Asian community in the UK.

The ARSB is also at the forefront of campaigns to raise awareness of physical and mental health issues among Asian communities, many of which are hidden or rarely discussed due to social stigma and various taboos attached to them. Thus tackling issues such as depression, organ and blood donation, adoption and others, which are the object of much misunderstanding and superstition, continue to be the focus of our work.

Committed to the rationalist philosophy that humans, individually and collectively, have a unique capacity to use their own intellect and deductive reason to gain knowledge, and overcome personal and social problems, the ARSB regularly engages in awareness-raising campaigns among South Asian communities.

​Anyone who agrees with these ideas, and wishes to support or participate is welcome to join us.